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Jasmine Renee Abbott has been a professional psychic, tarot reader and medium for over forty years. She hosted her own show on A1Psychic radio, and has worked several psychic phone lines.

She has had many alias, since becoming too well known has always frightened her. She does address this as part of the intervention, in the booklet, A Spirit Intervention. You might know her as Jasmine Crystal or Jasmine Renee. On A.O.L. she was known as Oceanwynds and Spiritwyndspeaks. During her AOL years, she often was requested to be a guest speaker or channeler.

Three years ago, she encountered an intervention. Not just any ordinary human type, but the spirit kind. She went through one of the most amazing interventions. Eleven spirit guides decided to do this, in hopes to bring her out of retirement. Time was of an essence, for her life path. She had to learn the difference between a Life Coach and a Life Path Coach. She needed to learn about planetary soul mates, who work through our astrological chart. Vision boards would be her forte, as she began to teach others the correct way to make them.


We are offering you an education in many areas she learned through her blogging, booklets and books. Rediscover your passion, as you read through A Spirit Intervention. Explore the possibilities that many on the spirit side are still active in creating a Woodstock Nation through her Paranormal fantasy book, Spirt Wind Sages   Book 1: Woodstock Nation. Release date: October 1st, 2016



Her spirit group, who go by the name ‘Hippie Ghost Band’ believe many of us have lost the ability to trust. Many spirit guides are sitting waiting to build a bridge of trust. Through her writings and this website, they will offer methods not just for us here on Earth but those in spirit. They too are being assisted in working with those who are still in a physical body.


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