How I started to heal the Damsel

                                           A Time for Peeling away descriptions.


After my husband’s death, I feared to die alone., which shocked me. In the past, I have counseled others with this same apprehension.  To discover it had taken over me left confusion.  The damsel knew this dance, so led the way. The path of spiraling down became my journey. My road of choice took me into the alleys of sociopaths.

For six years, I watched myself, as I became a foreigner. Why did I pick men who would not support my vision? Why did I keep attracting those who offer zero safety?

In the law of attraction, we invite what is always on our mind. .  Though I sought someone to save me, my thought form kept me in the victim and damsel role. The saboteur made sure I stayed on the right roads. To my surprise, my life reinforced the same avenues I had traveled before I met my late husband. How did this happen? As explain, the programming never shifted.  What I didn’t realize when I met my husband I was not living from those patterns. The ones that my husband met had quieted the damsel briefly.

Who or what is controlling the damsel, was the million-dollar question, which began the peeling. As my spirit group started to help me understand the need for boundaries, the beliefs that governed the damsel appeared.

People pleasing, doormat, and the victim all aided my bottom line belief. I will not amount to anything. I will need someone to take care of me. Years this instituted my behaviors and my living conditions. It took me three years to recall this sentence. It has a way to hide, while my other traits kept me in line. I realized I wasn’t the victim. My parents passed down concepts given to them by their parents.  I didn’t need to accept these as truth. Forgiveness and love would be the keys to transporting me out of those patterns.

Ho’oponopono would be the method I would use to obtain both forgiveness and love.



Entering the merry-go-round of trust

Trust, especially among humans comes in grains of degrees of proof. Kathy Black proved herself, as a tough nut to crack. The invisible wall she chanted into manifestation denied them entrance, so they conjured another avenue. A psychic fair always employs at least one psychic artist.  He would influence the artist’s hand and draw himself, which rated in the highest degree of proof. She would believe and take down that wall.

It backfired.  Trust seized to exist in the woman, though many sought her out to share their sordid life details. As she continued helping others, the Hippie Ghost Band knew her desperate cry, as life slowly poured out of her.


“It’s time for an intervention, of the Woodstock Nation variety”, the lead guitarist in the group called out to the other members. “Who will join me?”

As figured, the other three of the group accepted the offer, but something else took them by surprise. It knocked the wind out of their sail. “How can this be”, all asked?

Every color known to humanity pushed through a flying rainbow, which rider became a legend eons ago. Behind the flying rainbow, came elementals of every spirit realm, acting as delegates.

“We will rock you”, they all sang as they approached the Hippie Ghost Band.

Could it be? Are they the instruments of the fates? Is it the year for the end of destruction? These delegates would write the story of an ending followed by the void of nothingness or the ending followed by a beginning. She is the last hope.

Peeling the Layers

Hippie Ghost Band


Step 3: Peeling the layers


Your self -saboteur and the victim can become great allies after the peeling of layers ends.  Welcome to next step. Jasmine discovered. The damsel and doormat rose out of other layers, hiding beneath the surface, which protected her memory from recognizing the culprit.

With the victim and saboteur on the scene, they would become the damsel’s best buddies. Remember the self-saboteur is the car you drive. It knows one route.  You programmed it to keep you a victim. If you dared to go a different direction the subconscious would hound you until you returned to your everyday routine.   It would remind you, this person has done you wrong. Victim images would constantly flash through your mind. To stop this, you had to have a stronger belief. Jasmine believed through her husband contributed to her change, the damsel and victim died.

Evidently not. Jasmine’s mind, throughout their marriage,  played out a battle between the dependent and the independent woman.  Those moments where the independent female rose, were seen through his eyes. His approval. His compliments. After his death, the independent woman became only a memory.

What would hold her to this victim? Why would she seek to embrace it? The subconscious is still programmed. It hadn’t unplugged from old beliefs. It hadn’t created a new reality. She only knew the old routes. To stop this vicious cycle, we had to start to find the real culprit. The damsel was only an expression of this perpetrator.

Often, one concept that has programmed the subconscious, is the breeder of the other characteristics. We walked her step by step until she remembered what it was. To do this, we began a similar program we do in the spirit realms. We help her to create and watch how she attacks her new project. As each program revealed itself, we had her use the Ho’oponopono with it.


The Arrival of the Hippie Ghost Band

The Arrival of the Hippie Ghost Band

I could hear the screech of tires, stopping in front of the bookstore, but the street stayed void of cars. She twirled around, at the same moment the fluorescent lights, turned into strobe lights. The counter raised, and turned into a platform, with three microphones standing, and one leaning into a set of drums.

“Who’s here?”

“Hippie Ghost Band at your service.”

“Hippie Ghost Band? Well, heck you are ghosts, and ghosts aren’t permitted here.”

A swipe of her hand sent energy towards the stage, and the platform dissolved, as did the spirits.

“Fools, think you can enter my world. You just got taught a lesson. Leave me alone.”

She grabbed a hold of a sage bundle, hanging in its wrapper on the wall. Dispensing the cover, she lit the sage and hit the for corners of her bookstore, cleansing, and chanting. “Portals shut and stay shut until I unravel this spell. As I will so mote it be.”

Clapping her hands together three times, she closed the doors she opened during her ceremony, and relaxed. Music, I need music. Turning on her satellite radio, an oldie but goodie came on and sent her heart on fire. Try to see it our way. We can work this out.


Law of Attraction (Hippie Ghost Band style) reveals Doormat Syndrome

Stopping her from blaming the world for all her problems, didn’t come easy.  She didn’t understand why she kept attracting the same experience? People will stay on the merry-go-round of similar events, with a name, or location altered. Jasmine needed to acquire the skills to see yellow and red flags. These two could signal you that a repeated pattern is approaching. Peeling the layers away is a method we use in the spirit realms. We decided to teach her the process.



                  Why did the Doormat Reemerge?


Our brains start to be program early in life. It acts like a computer and wishes to keep things running. It has scripts for every experience we have encountered. Those experiences, which came with a punch of emotions, are the ones that lead us daily and on rare occasions. My spirit group informed me, my programming is still active. Each programming might take a mini-vacation, while letting another pattern have the opportunity to dominant for a period, but this is temporary.

Their explanation met deaf ears. They were speaking an alien tongue, so another concept was presented.  This one hit home and made sense. It also answered several of my questions.

 When you met your husband, the self-saboteur and victim where on vacation. Other facets took the reign. The robust, vigorous and rebellious woman took center stage. My future husband didn’t see me as a doormat. Eventually both the self-saboteur and victim returned from vacation and sprung back into action.

I could see where this played out, but it didn’t answer my question. Why did I slip backed into the damsel role, when I started dating? The return of my old dating habits surprised me over the years. My spirit guide explained the roots to those patterns, before my husband’s  laid dormant.  All through my married life, I assumed my husband’s love healed me. My husband’s love did it. A lot of the doormat behavior stayed still in the river bed of my mind, waiting to sprout new seeds. With Wally’s death, his view point of me stopped being reflected, leaving the older tapes space to rise, with a vengeance.  Throughout the twenty-nine years of us being together, I never saw myself, as he did. Within a year, after his death, the damsel sprouted. Their roots still were planted deep into the fertile soil, from tapes of distant years. I didn’t know what hit me. I just let the self- saboteur take over and put me back into my original car. The same one my late husband tried to help me escape.

For being an intelligent woman who was well read on areas of co-dependency and other addictions, I didn’t see it sneaking up on me. Why? Comfortableness. There is a familiarity to what we know. It feels like a broken in pair of shoes. Our desire pushes us forward into our addiction, which can be an old one, or a new one. Sanity erases itself, as we battle through obstacles to grab ahold of our dependence. I did this. My spirit group woke me up to what I was doing. I created this mess, and it was me who attracted these people into my life. Energy will attract similar energy. Like attract like.  My thoughts created this road to pain, victim and doormat.  At the time I dropped blaming, I noticed the constant anxiety attacts stopped..  Taking accountability started to heal me. My spirit group felt I graduated, so began lesson two; peeling away the layers of my beliefs.






What a Piece of Work is Man

She didn’t know, but the vivid dreams itched her hands, and the sensation stayed until she picked up a paint brush. The tool in hand, and a pallet of many colors resting on a counter, she succumbed to the need to paint these dreams in mural forms. The shapes and people painted identities remain clueless to her. Day in and day out, her paint brush furiously moved over the canvas of walls, until a month later each wall, plus the ceiling contained imagery of a lifetime and place alien to her, yet familiar. In the center of the ceiling, glowed a buttercup, which finished this piece of work.

“What a piece of work is man…”

Who said that? “Who’s here?”  Going through each room of her Lighthouse Bookstore, her search came up empty. Creepy.

“You mission is completed. The Hippie Ghost Band received your call.”

Expectations and how they affect you

Expectations and how they affect you


We gravitate to our expectations for outcomes in all areas of our life, with the little knowledge they are choking the life out of us. Expectations could fit well in the category of energy vampires. A specific outcome cuts you off from a world of possibilities. Sadly, we throw the towel in before the goal reached its full maturity.

Expectations in the world of the Law of Attraction equals suicide. You accomplished to kill your dream before it reached its full potential.

This week, 4/17/2017 I am doing live stream on this topic. You are welcome to join me and watch the videos at your leisure. You will find them here.

A Woodstock Takeover?

A Woodstock Takeover

2016, the Earth realm hosted torrent storms, which wiped out most of the earth. A new vine mysteriously arrived in the land, leaving a stench wherever it grew.  Around the circumference of the area named the Woodstock Kingdom, an off-white pearl netting protected those who made it to the kingdom.  The dream that 1969 would resolve the takeover of the negative element ended in despair. The rumor that the originals from that era recently relocated near their sight brought a breath of hope. Could a new Woodstock arrive? Would it balance out the negative energy, with more positive? Would creating a Spirit Wind realm on Earth develop?

Using Ho’oponopono for self-healing


My version of the 4 sentences used in chanting. Chant this throughout the day, for benefits.

I Love You (Great Divine)

I’m Sorry (For reacting from my ego)

Please forgive me ( I was unaware of these patterns in my subconscious.)

Thank You ( Divine Love will now heal and cleanse these patterns.

Prayer for release of a situation.

Divine Creator, Father, Mother, Child as One. I ______(use your full name), my family, relatives and ancestors mentally detach ourselves from all involved in this situation. we cut all Aka cords. WE ARE SET FREE! AND IT IS DONE.

Color Cleansing.

Mentally bathe yourself from top of head to your toes, while deep breathing. Indigo, 7x, switch to Emerald green 7x , switch to ice blue with a hint of pink on the tips, 7x and finish up with white 7 times.

I often do this in the shower cleaning my aura out. It’s the same procedure but hand goes out to the tips of your fingers and use your hands as rake to cleanse pull out the ‘crud’ in your aura.



Let Divine Intelligence approve and release and transmutation of all toxins and negative vibrations to Pure light. Let Divine Intelligence manifest harmony, love, wisdom, order, balance, perfect and right relationships, ideas sources of wealth, substance and energies. We humbly ask that we be surrounded with a gold band or circle. WE ARE SET FREE! AND IT IS DONE!

Law of Attraction as taught by my spirit guides, Hippie Ghost Band

Their Teachings can be found here.

Are you living in the Box of Your Family’s Style?

This topic comes from a tape the Hippie Spirit Group did a few years back. My brother put on the discussion table, how our family dresses us, so they receive approval.

Today, as you awoke and dressed, did you realize you put your ancestorial mindset on and left the house? Are your clothes draped in the black sheep fashion or carbon copy of their desires?

We are purposely designed to make our family look good, in any manner they seek. The rationale behind it is; who you can or cannot be because it is a reflection of them.

There seems to be a stage where we try to break free from this bond, which typically occurs within our teen years. Did you accomplish it, or as you aged did you become a clone of one or both of them?

If you belong to the later and feel stuck, you are not alone. It took me awhile to dig myself out. The Hippie Ghost Band’s teachings provided me the shovel, and my decision to break free provided the strength.

First thing first:

A must is to look at those ingredients carefully, you are still adding to the mixture titled you.

Eliminating the need for parental and family approval is the first step.  People pleasing, as an art of approval only poisons the broth you are drowning in today. By doing this you will begin to discover your authentic self.

What is this authentic self? It is who you are before you experienced the war on myth vs truth, which has convinced you who to trust and who to distrust. It divides others into categories of judgmental labels. If they are a different race, religion, gender or another lifestyle, you are to consider them in the category of untrustworthy.

There is another way. We can be open to understanding these differences, without judgment. Without claiming your way is only the valid one or trying to convert another that your ideas are legit. Generation after generation lived this way, and today we are left with observing the decaying of our world.  There is evidence daily of this, in the local and national news.

If your family structure matches your views, you will attract those of like minds. You have hemmed yourself into a cell of ignorance, which begets more of the same. What if you choose not to stay trapped in the fabric of your family’s biases? How do you change?

We begin with a different way. The Spirit Realm Path’s Law of Attraction. It runs similar to other writings of the same, of earth, with one exception. What we have here, is also in the Spirit planes. They are hoping to bring a positive element to our world, so it will ease the difficulties people are having when they do die.

and I joined up to do a spirit intervention, we quickly began to work with her in the Law of Attraction, using our version. Ours isn’t special, it just what we know and how we work it. What might not be known, death brings the Law of Attraction into a different perspective. Our thoughts instantly magnetize. Materialization on our side is instant. Upon death, we are still the same person, who just exited the body. Our earth ego and physical form have set us free, but our personalities and our patterns of thought still remain. With giving Jasmine Renee this information, we began to work on shifting her thought patterns. She even parroted,  this in her book, we just mentioned. Melinda’s parents named her Not Good Enough and prostituted her out to get money. This is equivalent to what her brother, Irving, who is part of the Hippie Ghost Band, mentioned to us at one time. Parents will create the image of their child to fit their ego needs and prostitute that new image for approval and to fit into society. To see she got this on some level, proved to us a thought pattern can be intercepted and changed. What is thought pattern luring you into the same mistakes?

The Hippie Ghost Band

Chapter Two

Why do we continue attracting the old, when we are using the Law of Attraction?  These questions once lived on the tip of my tongue. I studied the Law of Attraction and saw the movie The Secret, and yet, believe some hidden secret escaped. This article contains no secret.   Why fool you? If you seek, as many do, to ‘want it now’, and with minimal effort,  expect the same results.  The law of attraction always works. There isn’t any instant, shake -me-up secret, which the Hippie Ghost Band taught me.  Their teachings circled the Tarot 5 of Cups.

As presented in the 5 of cups, there are three spilled cups, in front of the figure, whose eyes remain fixated on them. They see only lost opportunities and are seeking a quick fix. Instant gratification to ward off their fears. Sound familiar? This action alone keeps us in the gate of repeated experiences. Why? Because we are following the programs of our subconscious, which contains outdated information.

Those three cups are empty. Each experience, with them, resulted in the same outcome. They will continue to perform in the same manner. There is no secret that two cups stand behind you and are full. They offer you another way, but how can they get your attention? It’s hard to see the sunshine, when you sit in a dark room, with the shades pulled. You continue to do this, soon the sun becomes a fable, and you embrace the truth, that darkness is the only existence. Does this sound farfetched? It isn’t. You created this reality.

Looking closer at the 5 of Cups

Those three cups that lay on the ground had contained our life. They have been spilled, leaving us with two options. One, to try to refill the spilled contents or walk away. In walking away, we discover there are two cups still filled. They hold the magic of a new existence, one we hoped for but didn’t dare to accept. The three spilled cups have treated you as a puppet. They continued to pull your strings. What parts of your life continue to repeat? Figuring this out, you can learn to detach from the dark chords that are controlling you.

Sounds simple, yet it is not. Until you are aware of the power of those three spilled cups, your mind will seek to pick them up consistently. Your mental process became glued in robot mode.. How do you unplug?

I suggest picking one area and working through the sheepish lines of control. What beliefs control you? Who believed in them? Is it a truth? We find our trusts often are false concepts. Look around, how many people don’t catch the flu? How many don’t get a flu shot, and remain healthy? How many marriages do work out, versus a high percentage that failed? Are you quickly buying into facts that others purposely distorted to control you? Here, I’ll leave you, so you can answer these questions and see how much control false beliefs control you.

April 11th, 2017

Law of Attraction Step 1, Holding yourself accountable.

Greetings! We are the Hippie Ghost Band. To understand our origins, we suggest you read the Hippie Ghost Band Origins E-booklet.  You can get your copy on Amazon.

Holding yourself accountable was the first lesson Jasmine Renee received.  Now is the time for people to put a stop the blaming. Letting go of this pattern will lead you straight to a shift of vibration. The victim steps down from controlling your life. As this switch occurs, your energy automatically rises. It is here you will begin the reprogramming process of your subconscious. Without this step, the law of attraction will continue to be governed by your old pattern designs.

This step switches the subconscious out of exploiting victimhood, and begins to program tapes of victory.

The path to walking away from the victim mentality is to take one hundred percent accountability for your whole life. We will begin by reviewing false truths taught to control your life. These falsities are pulling your puppet strings. These beliefs reside in your subconscious, and created your present-day reality.

What are these underlining concepts?  False truths learned in early childhood, from one’s family, friends and social network of your family. As a rule, this first group is who you blame. Who are you holding responsible for your personal life? The boss, the spouse, the parent, or a child? The government, big business, and other peoples’ religions hold blame for the world’s problems.

     Our question, is it benefiting you?

Blame and victim share two sides of a coin. The key to stopping being a victim is to let go of blame. The result, if you do this, you stop giving your power away. You cannot afford to maintain this habit. To support it guarantees depreciation of health, both mental and physical.

How do we stop this programming? The only way is by educating yourself to recognize the out-molded beliefs, which takes us to our second step. At this point, we will stop, and let Jasmine explain how she received or teachings.


                             Holding Myself Accountable

The Hippie Ghost Band’s first lesson tasted bitter. That pill didn’t go down easy. On the one hand, I gloated in making everybody responsible. They did this to me! Heck, I even blamed spirit guides and God. Everybody held responsibility for how my life turned out, except me. Ignorance I could not vouch for, since I studied the law of attractions years prior. I have proven to myself thoughts create things. I could count on one hand what I materialized. On the contrary, I would run out of fingers trying to count my failures. My slogans, when used on my spirit guides, didn’t work. Ohers are to blame for my turmoil, reached deaf ears. The world did this, can’t you see? I’m a victim! Every day my spirit group refused to accept my pleas of innocence.

The victim, in me, cherished the attention. It proved better than zero acknowledgement. Here I am, a widow, without any physical, emotional or mental support. The more I swam in this swamp of debris the more my life attracted those who would victimize me. I understood on one level, ’like attracts like’, yet beyond any measure of doubt, my guide must admit the world screwed me. My spirit guide refusesd to accept my excuse, instead he drummed into my mind, I used blame to imprisoned myself.

Next my group taught me the victim and the self-saboteur worked hand in hand. I have studied about self-sabotaging, but never explored how it controlled most of my life. The habits about my self-saboteur were actively playing through my subconscious mind, which neatly computerized truths programed by our family and their social network. This concept put me against the wall, until  I found a loophole in their theory. I was a victim and I could blame my parents and their relations and friends. I didn’t have a choice.  I also reminded them I walked away from my family and re-invented a new life. I did all I could. It’s not my fault.

They finally convinced me to give them a chance. From the beginning, I was biting the bullet and wanting to send them away. The only reason I didn’t was they had helped me out of a detrimental situation.


As they explained how the subconscious worked, I found it redundant. I already knew this. My spirit guide’s

theory supported my point.  Our parents damaged us, and we are a slave to our first five years of life. Patients must have been their given name. All eleven, in this spirit guides group, maintained a high level of patience, however, they refused to let me fall into the trap of excuses. Somedays their guidance felt like a bulldozer and other days a soft breeze. Their contention always, you are making a choice to blame or to escape this and create a new life. Finally, I said, “Teach me.”

Step Two. How to Educate yourself to recognize out-molded patterns

Daily you are given a choice to repeat behaviors and beliefs, or to unplug from them. What you have been using is a programmed car [subconscious] that has been wired to take you from point A to point B.  Imagine the following. You stepped into your vehicle, and set out to the airport. This car knows one airport and only one direction to getting you there. You tried to program a new direction, but it chokes on it, and takes off, making sure it is fulfilling its requirement, getting you safely to the airport.

It would be worthless blaming the car, since it has your best interest at hand. Also, this is all it knows. It is a machine and cannot tell what pro and con is. It’s a machine. What do you do? Keep driving the car or trade in its programing with new? These are the only two choices, though Jasmine believed there were three. It is this miscalculation that cost her dearly.

The above scenario is a replica of your brain. You have a conscious, subconscious and superconscious. You are ruled be the subconscious, which is exactly like a computer. Only you can get the bugs out and redo the input. Another cannot, though they can guide you through the process.

Jasmine Renee contribution kept her powerless. She knew enough ‘new age’ to be dangerous. She did know the roots of each behavior had to be unplugged and continuously weeded. Her motto covered this. Keep your mental garden watered and weeded. As we said, she knew enough to make her dangerous to herself.

We asked, are you tired of being powerless? Are you sick of being a prisoner to your out-molded beliefs? How much work are you willing to extend to free yourself?

She had two major belief patterns that had reaped their awards, since her husband’s death. Both had fertile ground to grow, and take possession of her life. We held her accountable for creating this fertile soil. She now had full awareness of it, so it was up to her. From that day forth, she couldn’t blame. Jasmine lightly treaded forward and began to let go of the blame.

Stopping her from blaming the world for all her problems, didn’t come easy.  She didn’t understand why she kept attracting the same experience? People will stay on the merry-go-round of similar events, with a name, or location altered. Jasmine needed to acquire the skills to see yellow and red flags. These two could signal you that a repeated pattern is approaching. Peeling the layers away is a method we use in the spirit realms. We decided to teach her the process.