Expectations and how they affect you

Expectations and how they affect you


We gravitate to our expectations for outcomes in all areas of our life, with the little knowledge they are choking the life out of us. Expectations could fit well in the category of energy vampires. A specific outcome cuts you off from a world of possibilities. Sadly, we throw the towel in before the goal reached its full maturity.

Expectations in the world of the Law of Attraction equals suicide. You accomplished to kill your dream before it reached its full potential.

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A Woodstock Takeover?

A Woodstock Takeover

2016, the Earth realm hosted torrent storms, which wiped out most of the earth. A new vine mysteriously arrived in the land, leaving a stench wherever it grew.  Around the circumference of the area named the Woodstock Kingdom, an off-white pearl netting protected those who made it to the kingdom.  The dream that 1969 would resolve the takeover of the negative element ended in despair. The rumor that the originals from that era recently relocated near their sight brought a breath of hope. Could a new Woodstock arrive? Would it balance out the negative energy, with more positive? Would creating a Spirit Wind realm on Earth develop?