Using Ho’oponopono for self-healing


My version of the 4 sentences used in chanting. Chant this throughout the day, for benefits.

I Love You (Great Divine)

I’m Sorry (For reacting from my ego)

Please forgive me ( I was unaware of these patterns in my subconscious.)

Thank You ( Divine Love will now heal and cleanse these patterns.

Prayer for release of a situation.

Divine Creator, Father, Mother, Child as One. I ______(use your full name), my family, relatives and ancestors mentally detach ourselves from all involved in this situation. we cut all Aka cords. WE ARE SET FREE! AND IT IS DONE.

Color Cleansing.

Mentally bathe yourself from top of head to your toes, while deep breathing. Indigo, 7x, switch to Emerald green 7x , switch to ice blue with a hint of pink on the tips, 7x and finish up with white 7 times.

I often do this in the shower cleaning my aura out. It’s the same procedure but hand goes out to the tips of your fingers and use your hands as rake to cleanse pull out the ‘crud’ in your aura.



Let Divine Intelligence approve and release and transmutation of all toxins and negative vibrations to Pure light. Let Divine Intelligence manifest harmony, love, wisdom, order, balance, perfect and right relationships, ideas sources of wealth, substance and energies. We humbly ask that we be surrounded with a gold band or circle. WE ARE SET FREE! AND IT IS DONE!

Law of Attraction as taught by my spirit guides, Hippie Ghost Band

Their Teachings can be found here.

Are you living in the Box of Your Family’s Style?

This topic comes from a tape the Hippie Spirit Group did a few years back. My brother put on the discussion table, how our family dresses us, so they receive approval.

Today, as you awoke and dressed, did you realize you put your ancestorial mindset on and left the house? Are your clothes draped in the black sheep fashion or carbon copy of their desires?

We are purposely designed to make our family look good, in any manner they seek. The rationale behind it is; who you can or cannot be because it is a reflection of them.

There seems to be a stage where we try to break free from this bond, which typically occurs within our teen years. Did you accomplish it, or as you aged did you become a clone of one or both of them?

If you belong to the later and feel stuck, you are not alone. It took me awhile to dig myself out. The Hippie Ghost Band’s teachings provided me the shovel, and my decision to break free provided the strength.

First thing first:

A must is to look at those ingredients carefully, you are still adding to the mixture titled you.

Eliminating the need for parental and family approval is the first step.  People pleasing, as an art of approval only poisons the broth you are drowning in today. By doing this you will begin to discover your authentic self.

What is this authentic self? It is who you are before you experienced the war on myth vs truth, which has convinced you who to trust and who to distrust. It divides others into categories of judgmental labels. If they are a different race, religion, gender or another lifestyle, you are to consider them in the category of untrustworthy.

There is another way. We can be open to understanding these differences, without judgment. Without claiming your way is only the valid one or trying to convert another that your ideas are legit. Generation after generation lived this way, and today we are left with observing the decaying of our world.  There is evidence daily of this, in the local and national news.

If your family structure matches your views, you will attract those of like minds. You have hemmed yourself into a cell of ignorance, which begets more of the same. What if you choose not to stay trapped in the fabric of your family’s biases? How do you change?

We begin with a different way. The Spirit Realm Path’s Law of Attraction. It runs similar to other writings of the same, of earth, with one exception. What we have here, is also in the Spirit planes. They are hoping to bring a positive element to our world, so it will ease the difficulties people are having when they do die.

and I joined up to do a spirit intervention, we quickly began to work with her in the Law of Attraction, using our version. Ours isn’t special, it just what we know and how we work it. What might not be known, death brings the Law of Attraction into a different perspective. Our thoughts instantly magnetize. Materialization on our side is instant. Upon death, we are still the same person, who just exited the body. Our earth ego and physical form have set us free, but our personalities and our patterns of thought still remain. With giving Jasmine Renee this information, we began to work on shifting her thought patterns. She even parroted,  this in her book, we just mentioned. Melinda’s parents named her Not Good Enough and prostituted her out to get money. This is equivalent to what her brother, Irving, who is part of the Hippie Ghost Band, mentioned to us at one time. Parents will create the image of their child to fit their ego needs and prostitute that new image for approval and to fit into society. To see she got this on some level, proved to us a thought pattern can be intercepted and changed. What is thought pattern luring you into the same mistakes?

The Hippie Ghost Band

Chapter Two

Why do we continue attracting the old, when we are using the Law of Attraction?  These questions once lived on the tip of my tongue. I studied the Law of Attraction and saw the movie The Secret, and yet, believe some hidden secret escaped. This article contains no secret.   Why fool you? If you seek, as many do, to ‘want it now’, and with minimal effort,  expect the same results.  The law of attraction always works. There isn’t any instant, shake -me-up secret, which the Hippie Ghost Band taught me.  Their teachings circled the Tarot 5 of Cups.

As presented in the 5 of cups, there are three spilled cups, in front of the figure, whose eyes remain fixated on them. They see only lost opportunities and are seeking a quick fix. Instant gratification to ward off their fears. Sound familiar? This action alone keeps us in the gate of repeated experiences. Why? Because we are following the programs of our subconscious, which contains outdated information.

Those three cups are empty. Each experience, with them, resulted in the same outcome. They will continue to perform in the same manner. There is no secret that two cups stand behind you and are full. They offer you another way, but how can they get your attention? It’s hard to see the sunshine, when you sit in a dark room, with the shades pulled. You continue to do this, soon the sun becomes a fable, and you embrace the truth, that darkness is the only existence. Does this sound farfetched? It isn’t. You created this reality.

Looking closer at the 5 of Cups

Those three cups that lay on the ground had contained our life. They have been spilled, leaving us with two options. One, to try to refill the spilled contents or walk away. In walking away, we discover there are two cups still filled. They hold the magic of a new existence, one we hoped for but didn’t dare to accept. The three spilled cups have treated you as a puppet. They continued to pull your strings. What parts of your life continue to repeat? Figuring this out, you can learn to detach from the dark chords that are controlling you.

Sounds simple, yet it is not. Until you are aware of the power of those three spilled cups, your mind will seek to pick them up consistently. Your mental process became glued in robot mode.. How do you unplug?

I suggest picking one area and working through the sheepish lines of control. What beliefs control you? Who believed in them? Is it a truth? We find our trusts often are false concepts. Look around, how many people don’t catch the flu? How many don’t get a flu shot, and remain healthy? How many marriages do work out, versus a high percentage that failed? Are you quickly buying into facts that others purposely distorted to control you? Here, I’ll leave you, so you can answer these questions and see how much control false beliefs control you.

April 11th, 2017

Law of Attraction Step 1, Holding yourself accountable.

Greetings! We are the Hippie Ghost Band. To understand our origins, we suggest you read the Hippie Ghost Band Origins E-booklet.  You can get your copy on Amazon.

Holding yourself accountable was the first lesson Jasmine Renee received.  Now is the time for people to put a stop the blaming. Letting go of this pattern will lead you straight to a shift of vibration. The victim steps down from controlling your life. As this switch occurs, your energy automatically rises. It is here you will begin the reprogramming process of your subconscious. Without this step, the law of attraction will continue to be governed by your old pattern designs.

This step switches the subconscious out of exploiting victimhood, and begins to program tapes of victory.

The path to walking away from the victim mentality is to take one hundred percent accountability for your whole life. We will begin by reviewing false truths taught to control your life. These falsities are pulling your puppet strings. These beliefs reside in your subconscious, and created your present-day reality.

What are these underlining concepts?  False truths learned in early childhood, from one’s family, friends and social network of your family. As a rule, this first group is who you blame. Who are you holding responsible for your personal life? The boss, the spouse, the parent, or a child? The government, big business, and other peoples’ religions hold blame for the world’s problems.

     Our question, is it benefiting you?

Blame and victim share two sides of a coin. The key to stopping being a victim is to let go of blame. The result, if you do this, you stop giving your power away. You cannot afford to maintain this habit. To support it guarantees depreciation of health, both mental and physical.

How do we stop this programming? The only way is by educating yourself to recognize the out-molded beliefs, which takes us to our second step. At this point, we will stop, and let Jasmine explain how she received or teachings.


                             Holding Myself Accountable

The Hippie Ghost Band’s first lesson tasted bitter. That pill didn’t go down easy. On the one hand, I gloated in making everybody responsible. They did this to me! Heck, I even blamed spirit guides and God. Everybody held responsibility for how my life turned out, except me. Ignorance I could not vouch for, since I studied the law of attractions years prior. I have proven to myself thoughts create things. I could count on one hand what I materialized. On the contrary, I would run out of fingers trying to count my failures. My slogans, when used on my spirit guides, didn’t work. Ohers are to blame for my turmoil, reached deaf ears. The world did this, can’t you see? I’m a victim! Every day my spirit group refused to accept my pleas of innocence.

The victim, in me, cherished the attention. It proved better than zero acknowledgement. Here I am, a widow, without any physical, emotional or mental support. The more I swam in this swamp of debris the more my life attracted those who would victimize me. I understood on one level, ’like attracts like’, yet beyond any measure of doubt, my guide must admit the world screwed me. My spirit guide refusesd to accept my excuse, instead he drummed into my mind, I used blame to imprisoned myself.

Next my group taught me the victim and the self-saboteur worked hand in hand. I have studied about self-sabotaging, but never explored how it controlled most of my life. The habits about my self-saboteur were actively playing through my subconscious mind, which neatly computerized truths programed by our family and their social network. This concept put me against the wall, until  I found a loophole in their theory. I was a victim and I could blame my parents and their relations and friends. I didn’t have a choice.  I also reminded them I walked away from my family and re-invented a new life. I did all I could. It’s not my fault.

They finally convinced me to give them a chance. From the beginning, I was biting the bullet and wanting to send them away. The only reason I didn’t was they had helped me out of a detrimental situation.


As they explained how the subconscious worked, I found it redundant. I already knew this. My spirit guide’s

theory supported my point.  Our parents damaged us, and we are a slave to our first five years of life. Patients must have been their given name. All eleven, in this spirit guides group, maintained a high level of patience, however, they refused to let me fall into the trap of excuses. Somedays their guidance felt like a bulldozer and other days a soft breeze. Their contention always, you are making a choice to blame or to escape this and create a new life. Finally, I said, “Teach me.”

Step Two. How to Educate yourself to recognize out-molded patterns

Daily you are given a choice to repeat behaviors and beliefs, or to unplug from them. What you have been using is a programmed car [subconscious] that has been wired to take you from point A to point B.  Imagine the following. You stepped into your vehicle, and set out to the airport. This car knows one airport and only one direction to getting you there. You tried to program a new direction, but it chokes on it, and takes off, making sure it is fulfilling its requirement, getting you safely to the airport.

It would be worthless blaming the car, since it has your best interest at hand. Also, this is all it knows. It is a machine and cannot tell what pro and con is. It’s a machine. What do you do? Keep driving the car or trade in its programing with new? These are the only two choices, though Jasmine believed there were three. It is this miscalculation that cost her dearly.

The above scenario is a replica of your brain. You have a conscious, subconscious and superconscious. You are ruled be the subconscious, which is exactly like a computer. Only you can get the bugs out and redo the input. Another cannot, though they can guide you through the process.

Jasmine Renee contribution kept her powerless. She knew enough ‘new age’ to be dangerous. She did know the roots of each behavior had to be unplugged and continuously weeded. Her motto covered this. Keep your mental garden watered and weeded. As we said, she knew enough to make her dangerous to herself.

We asked, are you tired of being powerless? Are you sick of being a prisoner to your out-molded beliefs? How much work are you willing to extend to free yourself?

She had two major belief patterns that had reaped their awards, since her husband’s death. Both had fertile ground to grow, and take possession of her life. We held her accountable for creating this fertile soil. She now had full awareness of it, so it was up to her. From that day forth, she couldn’t blame. Jasmine lightly treaded forward and began to let go of the blame.

Stopping her from blaming the world for all her problems, didn’t come easy.  She didn’t understand why she kept attracting the same experience? People will stay on the merry-go-round of similar events, with a name, or location altered. Jasmine needed to acquire the skills to see yellow and red flags. These two could signal you that a repeated pattern is approaching. Peeling the layers away is a method we use in the spirit realms. We decided to teach her the process.


Hippie Ghost Band’s Ghost Stories

What can happen when a group of spirits, decide to channel a paranormal book? They call on their conduit to help them with storytelling. Enjoy the virtual daily writings of the Hippie Ghost Band, as they collaborate with Jasmine Renee Abbott, to write a paranormal story, and deliver a new section daily. It will have you at the edge of your seat.

    Earth’s realm last chance.

by Hippie Ghost Band and Jasmine Renee Abbott

April 1st 2017

Staving off an epic war weighed heavy on his mind. A deep sigh exited his mouth the same time he let go of a rare black feather. “Raven feather take this message to your people.”  He watched a current steadied the feather, while it changed direction, and headed to its destination.

Slowly, a man known for his ageless looks, turned from the window, and stumbled into the tawny leather desk chair.  Shifting his foot, out of the torn hem multi-color robe, he mentally noted to inform her about the unraveling hem. His sea blue eyes rested on the sight of the empty desk. Just an hour ago six different feathers donned it, with each prepared to deliver a message to its realm. Resting assured all would come, except one. Demon of Mythology’s support rested on critical. If he withdraws his support, the light engulfing all the realms will elapse into a tiny spark.

Soft feet, and a flutter of wings caught his attention as they neared the door.

“Master, I have coffee for us.”  A petite woman barely five foot, balanced two cups of coffee, as she closed the door behind her.

“It’s needed. Thank you.” He took his cup and lightly kissed her waist length blonde hair, and inhaled a rainbow dewdrop, which traveled through her hair.  He could exist comfortably on those dewdrop treats, he thought to himself. It also provided the sole nectar to his youthful appearance. “My precious gem, the sunrise has peaked, and all the messages have taken the route to their destination.

“Did you send Raven? The Dark Rainbow needs to join us.”

“Yes. Karen and Abe will be the first. Their secondary warriors with healing abilities are on notice, just in case.”

She smiled at her wary Master and husband for eons. His heart beat a different message from others, which won her over at the dawn of their eon. He would become the first Master Spirit Wind to love a different type of spirit wind. They married and agreed to the concept, of another way. Skipping a honeymoon, they started the path of desegregating. Sadly, both knew, another way, might become extinct, within a fleeting moment.

“What’s your plans?”

“We need Demon, but he won’t come.”

“Oh, don’t you worry. A wind of gossip recently floated out our citadel today. The Citrine Goddess is on her way.”

“This is your doing?”

Her broad smile and glistening sparkle in her eyes clued him of her doing. “Ah, my brilliant lover and wife.”

Their lips touched briefly, as he waited for her to report more. “Her sister agreed to enter earth as Citrine’s twin. The couple they have picked to infiltrate might concern others, but not me. The womb is one with the Demon of Truth.”

She waited till he swallowed and caught his breath before going on about them. Fear covered the beads of sweat on his head. “They will be born that seed, but will not inhale the essence.”

“You know these two women are only to permitted to enter the Earth realm if all other avenues failed? ”

“Master, I am aware. They offered to go. A request never was presented. There’s a prophecy that traveled in my land for eons; if these sisters end up in the same location, you, the elder of the Spirit Wind, must join them.”

“You and your family knew this?”

“Yes, love. This prediction pained my family. Could I handle if you were sent.?”

He nodded, as he took her into his arms, feeling the dark rainbow wings floating back into her spine, giving them freedom to hug tightly.

“Demon of mythology will come. We have a bigger concern.”

“What is that, darling.”

“Convincing the realms to enter Earth and creating the Hippie Nation. Each knows they risk of forgetting who they are, will increases as they age. To get into any realm with a surplus of negativity is risky, but this borders on insanity. They just experienced a war of worlds, which horrified the genetic pool of this realm. It cut deeper this time than previous times. Another one is brewing, and it could demolish the heart of the soul leaving the ego in control.”

“My love. I know. It’s the last hope. The last card, to play. If they fail, all we have left is a speck of light, as the darkness of negativity enters and swallows up the souls visiting the earth realm.

April 4th, 2017


His deep voice caught the small group’s attention. Heads bowed as he approached, and took his place next to his wife.

“Bright Day Blessings Father. It is good to see you.”

He smiled at the two Dark Rainbow fairies, in agreement, while kissing the hand of the Citrine Goddess. “It’s good you came Citrine. Is he?”

“His heart beat is in my ear distance. I would say about a day’s journey, before he arrives.”

“My wife and I are forever grateful for your actions. We have the sitting room set up with refreshments. Please join us.”

Abe realized his question was not forthcoming until they all arrived. If Demon is coming, the prophecy will befall. Demon and Citrine will give birth to the leaders of the Hippie group. This information laid deep in the depiction his eye uncovered, on an old yellow sheet of parchment paper, a year or two ago.

He took his mates hand into his, as they let their wings sprout out, and followed the Elders and Citrine into a cookie cutter house. The home don a graham cracker brick layout, with layered white frosting in-between the bricks. A square or rectangular shape house escaped the whole villa. Triangles covered every space for habitat, each creating their version of a myth received from a collection of books from the Earth Realm   The Fairytale book inspired the creative architect and interior designer of this small villa, known as Spirit Wind Realm.

As they reached the gumdrop laced door, Citrine Goddess eased her hand on the Elder gentleman’s shoulder. “I shy from asking this, will your son being joining?”

“We don’t know. Will the sages of that realm release our son? Only they have the answer. With or without, we must do this. All other ways are exalted. The stench and creepy killing vines have traveled into Emerald Ocean Realm. We believe they were put there on purpose, and we need to transport the warriors now to earth. We need to gather and discuss if sending our final hope, along with these warriors, is inescapable?

April 5,2017

Inescapable crept up everyone’s skin, as if a snake slithered on them, when the Elder father mentioned it. If only his son could come forth, they thought. Rumor had it he died, but it never been announced. The gumdrop door latched behind them as they stood in the foyer. Odd, a calmness rode in gentle waves easing their stress to nil. Joy came next, as it turned their mouth corners up. Two little spirit winds entered with giggles of play, as a bright beach ball bounced through the hallway.

“We are sorry, Mum and Dad.”

“We have company. Come children, and join us for a celebration.”

They accepted their mom’s invite and skipped into another room, where an unfamiliar song played.

“Shine on you crazy diamond? What a strange song?”

“Isn’t it Karen? We cannot find its source to turn if off. It’s started the moment he sent the feathers.”

“Really, my lady? How peculiar. Is it an omen?”

“We don’t know Karen. What do you think, Citrine?”

“My sister would know. She has the records for all paranormal etchings.”

“Is she coming”, Abe inquired?

“Yes. It is a must. I’m surprised she’s running late. We planned to enter here at the same moment.”

“I’m here. Another portal caught my eyes, so I entered from there.”

Her beauty reflected her twin’s, except for their hair. Citrine’s color boarder on Auburn, while her sisters resemble the spirit wind mom. The rainbow dew drops covered her mop of hair. These two were only safe at this villa. Anywhere else, their energy would conflict and destroy. The look of love shines brilliantly, in their eyes, as they hugged. Their last hug shared timed close to an eon. Even with this knowledge, the rest shivered in anticipation that the curse would enter and dissolve all of them. Why they could meet here, nobody knew. The fates created this outlet, yet the fates itched to switch outcomes frequently. Would it hold?

“Sapphire Goddess, would you know the meaning of this song?”

“My dearest Papa elder, it feels like a curse. My skin is burning since I’ve heard it. My fear is this place stopped being a haven. I must depart. Do though know this song I will inhale and create it into a symbol. Sapphire Drops is my calling card.”

As she said card, they observed her disappearing, as did the song. A darkness stood where she once stood, and they saw a sapphire teardrop form and balance in the air. As they caught their breath, a silver mist encased it. The tear drop stayed in place as if stamped in the air. Their attention to it, quickly shifted by a knock on the door, and the sound of another song, Sounds of Silence.

“A new song?”, Citrine smiled. It appears the Demon of Mythology is at the door, playing a new tune.”

April 6, 2017

Fitting for any demon would be a raven floor length cape, but not the God of the Ruby Kingdom. He glowed ruby from his fingers, and what he touched turned the same color. His presence overbearing, though not a large man in statue, but his demur spoke power. A voice deep and dark as the touch of satin, felt as if butter just melted down your skin. When the Demon of Mythology spoke, everyone listened, even if they tried to ignore him. It’s voice a blessing or a curse depended on who stood at the end of his dialog.

Eyes eased off of him when caught Citrine blushing. It is true, she has a lust for this man, but is it more, each wondered.

“Demon, thank you for coming”, the elder mom spoke, while touching his check. Her touch, gentle as a feather, always managed to give him a case of giggles. Demon tried to show irritation over it, but she brought out the happy- go- lucky child in him.

“You’re welcome, though there are million others things I hate doing, and I prefer doing them now. Why you called for my attendance is no secret. You are requesting I watch over the earth people. Last time they created me into their devil. How can you ask me to do this?

His stare didn’t fall on the two elders but the Citrine Goddess. His heartthrob and his forever love would be enough for him to go. She needed protection in a way no human could provide. Only his touch could bring her back to life if it ever were required. Now though, sending them, they would need to share a secret. A lie that traveled through the eons, and one they kept going for the sake of ………….

April 7, 2017

“We are glad you came, our distant brother.”

“Brother? Easy for you to say, you don’t have to step foot in this mess. Why don’t they get hate begets hate? Instead, they live and breath to be saved and curse me. When was the last time I harmed them?”

“We hear your words, and understand they travel down an endless pit. You and Citrine are going back to Earth also brings another problem. The first birthing of humans from another realm.”

“My brother, the elder father of everyone else, we will not do that.”

“If we create the Hippie nation, it must be done, Demon.”

“My lovely sister-in-law,_” His words were cut off, by the Citrine Goddess’s hand cupping his mouth.

“We gave birth to the two who would come a century ago. Both are great warriors and wise beyond the years. “

“How? We never observed a pregnancy or newborns.”

“We created a bloodline to match the Emerald Ocean, so their identity cannot be traced back to her. They will have the stain of me being their dad, but their mother ran away.”

A chuckle escaped Abe and Karen’s mouths. “Brilliant. You two just pulled the biggest tall tale. We love it.”

“ May we have their names?”

“No, Karen. Best to not, in case we have another outlet. Our boys will be sent there, and ___”

Karen blushed realizing these two knew the fear and experienced it when sending Guy to Earth. Now, he’s lost and nobody knows if he is dead or not.

“My wife and I know the depths of hell and the effect of not knowing. We seek not to have anyone go through what we did, Karen. If necessary, my brother knows this can’t be avoided.”

“I’m sorry. “ Karen’s face red as a beet and her head hung low, shivered at the touch of the Elder momma’s arms around her.

“We know you meant no harm.”

Perfect timing, as a chime from the entrance gate, rung, letting them know their next guest have arrived.

April 8, 2017

Salt pepper hair that laid in thick layers down his back gave instant recognition to the others. A tear flowed down both the parent elders’ eyes, when they saw him. He’s alive. Perhaps their son too..

“Joseph, what a surprise.”

“Mama, when I heard I came. He would want me to lead this.”

“Do you know where he is?”

“Papa, even if he did he wouldn’t tell. He’s the keeper of the secrets.”

“That is true, however if I knew, I would inform you. I haven’t seen your boy since we both left here.”

“Hello brother. A long time since we stood together.”

“Karen, indeed. “

Another chime from the gate let them know the court of decision arrived. This court consisted of six members, three Gods and three Goddess.  They would make the decision to bring forth the hippie movement or not, after they have spent the week hearing everyone’s input. All eyes went to the tall female, whose appearance resembled a mermaid.

“Welcome Emerald Ocean Goddess and everyone.”

They approached as if they learned a new dance. Swagging bodies, with grace and temple approached them, leaving a strong scent of smoking sage.

‘She’s cleansing the atmosphere”, Karen whispered to them.

Seldom were they invited to take part of this ritual, but today, each felt their bodies being pulled into a spinning globe, letting their limbs and hair move in total freedom. Laughter bursted out of their mouths, as the globe began to tickle them. Next thing, they all were rolling around the ground, like children, laughing and giggling. The Emerald Goddess picked herself up, and gave her hand to each in a gesture to rise.

“Play and laughter we dispense upon you today, as we begin the festivities.

April 10, 2017

Fear challenged each of them, yet they knew the remedy. Laughter eases the darkness away and raises the energies. Even in the most life-threatening moments, this ritual everyone used. To create a decision through the webbing of fear only creates unbalanced alchemical magic.

The parental guardians filled punch bowls with spirit wind dust, so their guests would enjoy an afternoon of psychedelic wonder. They agree if the Woodstock nation became a reality, they would plant their dust in certain mushrooms, which would link their memories back to the Spirit Wind Realm.

The sound of tires squeaking, created a blast of laughter from everyone, when they saw the squeak came with the cart of food. Each bowl magically released a particular color. They dined, drank and shared memories of parties given throughout their history. Often, someone mentioned the hall down the street, which help beautiful banquets. As the last spoonful disappeared in each person’s bowl, the conversation eased into the blueprints titled A Hippie Nation

Do not open, unless all avenues are exhausted.

“It’s time? There are no other possibilities?”

“No, Emerald Goddess. “

She took the blueprints from the Mama, as she moved a layer of emerald hair from her face, and placed it behind her ear. “We join again, if it is time to open this, my dear we are ready to know your names. It’s time.”

A soft blush covered both Mama and Papa’s faces. How odd they forgot this condition would come forth.

“Her name is Maggie Mae>”

“His name is Johnny Be Good.”

Peculiar names they thought to themselves. A chill bit their bones, for these names covered a dual meaning.

“May we call you Maggie and Johnny?”

“If needed, yes.”

“Thank you, Johnny. It’s time to open this scroll. I will ask Demon to do this.”

Her olive hands reached out to the Ruby Demon’s hand, and slowly uncapped his fingers. “It’s scribed, you will lead this. We thank you for being here, though honesty surprised by your attendance. Will you read this Ruby Demon?”

“I care zero about Earth. You cannot put the Citrine Goddess there without her protector. He’s missing, so I will accompany her.” His tone coarse and direct, but eyes reflected gentleness to Maggie and Johnny. They knew who he referred too, as the protector- their missing son.

“Please, open the scroll, Demon. My sister will need to know.”

“Where is she, Citrine?”

“She was removed by the forces to be. The Fates did not approve of us being here together, Emerald Goddess.”
“We ae sorry to hear the Fates prevented this. It’s been ages since we sheen the Sapphire Goddess. It is written, you two must not travel earth at the same time, which is a hindrance to our cause.”

Citrine reserved the knowledge she carried. Nobody will know they figured a way to enter earth and if needed to join forces. The least who knew, the better this plot could be carried. “We are aware, Emerald Goddess. “

Turning back to Demon, her eyes begged for him to open the scroll.

“It’s time to open this bloody thing. May we all be ready”, Demon, spoke softly, while taking his chair. The rest followed suit, and sat in a circle a small marble round table.

Do not open, unless all avenues are exhausted.



Are you sure? These are our youths you are talking about sending to Earth. The place where hate has consumed all and Gods are created through this hate. Our children might not be listened too, but worst, they could end up being hate mongrels. Are you sure?

April 11, 2017

It had come to pass that Earth realm did the unthinkable. They had poisoned the other realms within its galaxy. The Spirit Wind Sages now gathered around this scroll, in desperation. Before you turn the page, dig deep and seek another way. Seek the Spirit Wind way, and bring the hippie warriors for love and peace to the Earth plane. If this fails, turn the page and delete the earth realm. You have three tries.  The third will come as the triangle of Demon, Spirit Wind Papa and the twin sister arrive in the same spot at the same moment, and another goddess’s powers turns to dust.

Go bravely and teach another way. Bring the Divine within the heart of each human, so it begets love and peace. If this succeeds, a spirit wind realm with be hosted on Earth. It ca sustain life, in balance with the other negative. Not until you reach this triangle, will you know who else walks beside you.

If the third chance fails, it will come to pass, Earth’s existence will become a trace of memory, liken to the dinosaurs of past.

The scroll thin in weight, clued them in, there were only two pages. The other way and extinction.

“This scars me. If this comes about all hope weighs on our shoulder. Hopefully, we can manage with the first try. Let us give birth to the children who will carry out the Woodstock nation.”

All heads nodded in agreement with Maggie Mae. Fear resided in each. If they failed a realm’s light and sparkle will vanish. Demon and Melinda will head there first, and bring their twins, Samuel and Daniel. The rest wished the well, as the prepared to leave, so they could make arrangements to enter the year. 1948

April 12, 2017

Some entered the Earth realm as walk-ins. They entered a body, before their death, stopping the death and taking over that person’s existence. Others were born between the years 1948 through 1954. Feathers would be the awakening device for each to recall where they came from, and why they came to earth. The walk-ins maintained the human body emotional layout, yet did not react from them if they surfaced. Those born felt emotions deeply.  All memory of the Spirit Wind realm automatically erased from their memory banks, when they reached Earth.

The 1950’s through 60’s now remembered as the turbinate years. Idols shot and killed, stung the young people. Collectively they took to the streets, with the word peace busting out of their mouths. Another way became the drum beat, of these teenagers, as many took to writing lyrics and playing music, while others took to creating peace-ins and love-ins. Media supplied a name for them. Hippie. As that name vibrated through the Earth realm, a memory cell opened. Mission statement surged through their collective blood, we are the Woodstock Nation. We are your peace warriors.

April 13, 2017

The Awakening of the Woodstock Nation

“What is that you are eating?”

“An edible mushroom. We have more. Here, try it.”

“It’s groovy man. The colors are surreal, in my head, and my tears are running down my face, are from memories of words. What is a Spirit Wind? Why is this weekend crucial?”

He took the mushroom from the, guy, while staring at the female. Is this a psychedelic? Groovy. He broke it in half, and handed it to his brother. The girl smiled, as she pulled her guitar, strapped to her back, and pointed to the ground. “I must create a song about this weekend and title it Woodstock Nation. Sit with us, for a spell, if you like.”

“Sam, do you feel it?”

“Daniels, everything is changing. I can see the dust floating over everyone here. It appears to be knitting us together as one facet. I’m not sure what the other facets are, but this is important.”

“Dust? Are you speaking fairy dust?”

“I believe so. Wow! Groovy. What is fairy dust.”

“Guy, tell them.”

“Okay, Rebecca. It comes from the Spirit Wind realms, and also can be found in the Dark Rainbow realms.”

“Groovy. We have realms. Do they have the mushrooms?”

“The mushrooms are an illusion, my friends. The dust is the real product.”

“Tell us more?”

“I finished writing this song. I’m going to play on the stage, with a rock n roll band. Guy, will you come?”

“We’ll see you two around.  Here, our gift to you.” Guy handed them a small tin can, which held fairy dust. Just a dab on your tongue will do the trick, if you ever wish to explore other realities.”

“That is right Guy. We can take you down, because we are going to a strawberry realm later today. Peace out.”

Rebecca, joined hands with Guy, as the floated towards the stage.

Sam and Daniel heard her announce her new song, Woodstock Nation, as they minds drifted off to a new existence, titled Love begets Love, Welcome to the Hippie Kingdom.