Can a joint life path continue after death?

Could I carry on our joint life path?

Life comes with challenges. Nobody escapes them while living. As I stared out the plane, I wondered how I could carry on without my husband. How was I to continue? What becomes of our joint life path?  A path that was sacred to us both.

We were together for twenty-nine years. Our relationship was more locked into the spiritual, and how to help others. We worked as a team, most the time. Though our marriage, as everyone else’s marriage, had its up and downs, spiritually we were stuck together like glue. This, mostly likely, confused many people.

Death is inevitable, and for him it would come sooner then we both wish. He had both emphysema and lung cancer. It was the last eight months of his life that we finally got to have a honeymoon. It was just us two, and nothing was left unsaid. We were granted the perfect ending if an ending had to come.

Now, coming back from his funeral, I wondered what to do. Can we continue a life path, when the other half dies? Would someone come and take their place to help the other carry on the mission?

Part of the above is in my upcoming short story. It relates the paranormal activities occurring in my own life, over the past three years.

In my life words, would crop up, such as soulmate and twin souls. In my studies, I have discovered these words are fanciful and hold no importance. I have discovered he and I are part of a soul group, and we are mates, just a different variety. I have learned that those remaining on earth do continue the joint life path. There are many ways.  One way will be revealed in a few weeks. Later this week, I will reveal another tidbit to serve your coffee.

A life path and a soul path can spin another yarn. It can create another way, with spirits you didn’t even know. Another way is the road I travel now, along with my husband and eleven spirit guides. Four of them have named themselves, the Hippie Ghost Band. More information will be shared here, as well as my future You Tube channel to start in January. Stay tuned.

May blessings, love, and peace circle each other today and forever,



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