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Law of Attraction and Peace

I have lived many decades. I have participated in riots, as well as peaceful marches. I walked a path of a radical in the sixties for the name of peace and love. Wisdom revealed what you attack you will increase. Nobody is exempt from the Law of Attraction. To carry on the vision of love and peace that I learned In my travels, I work daily at posting positive memes and loving memes. It isn’t always easy, yet I can do this, with effort. Posting hatred only increases that hatred. See, hatred has no focus point, it just drinks up the elixir of hatred. It grows.

Look around as ask yourself how the World-Wide Web can add to increasing love or hate? Look how this election in the U.S.A. is gifting hatred to the vessel of hate every day. Both sides are overloading hatred. Hatred doesn’t mind. Just in our social media we have increased the speed of hate. Every day, we are having poisonous slings of words, images hitting us. Can you live with this? What would you do to stop it?

We can’t stop it. We can though balance it out by stopping our own actions in contributing to hatred, slander, bullying and pointing fingers to blame. We can stop by seeking within the love of Grace and the Love of you. When you do this, hatred begins to assault your soul.


Jasmine Renee


April 6, 2017

Blog 1: When a Psychic Medium and a group of Hippie Ghosts Meet

What would a medium do, when approached by four ghosts who call themselves the Hippie Ghost Band?

The spirit world is no stranger to me. It has made itself known since I’ve been a small child. Who they were or why they hovered around me, I didn’t understand, but I felt safe with them. My first memory would be before grade school when I was hearing a female voice speaking to me. The first time she instructed me to stay still while a hive of yellow jackets spun around me. The bees left, without sting me. As I entered grade school, I would hear this spirit’s voice from time to time, especially in second grade. I would hear her call out my name during reading. Assuming it was my teacher, I would stand up and start to read. I’m grateful my mom understood what was happening to me when the school would call her to discuss disciplinary problems they had with me. I learned at an early age to be quiet and not speak of being psychic. It wasn’t until I turned twenty-four that I finally met others who were psychic. This was the beginning of realizing I’m not alone. That was in the 1970’s.  I learned how to honed into using it and helping others. I became both a professional psychic and tarot reader. Occasionally, I would channel, but I didn’t take an interest in it.

Shortly after turning forty, a new spirit guide entered my life. He sought to teach me channeling. I sought to kick him out. He had a legend, an icon, and I preferred not to be known. It was a battle, but his persistence led me to channel him for about a decade.  People began to come to the private channel sessions presented by me, in a private A.O. L. chatroom. We slowly were growing, and I was rapidly growing more uncomfortable. I found a way to back out when my husband was given a death sentence from the doctor.  I closed the door to my guide, as well as my psychic practice. I devoted my attention to my husband for his last four years of life. We managed to move to Florida, where we had our first honeymoon, after twenty-nine years together. His death hit me hard, and I never looked back to open the door to my spirit guide. I didn’t want help.

The door didn’t open to my guide again until 2013. These past eleven years I went through the deterioration of my husband ‘s health, relocating us both to a different state, in hopes, it would buy him more time. Florida is warmer than Ohio. His death eight months later would send me deep into the pits of hell, as I continued to spiral down till 2013. He died in 2005. It was desperation that finally got me to ask my spirit guide to come, and if he could bring my husband. They came and over these past three years they performed a spirit intervention, with the help of nine other spirit guides. They succeeded, and you can read my personal account of this intervention in my booklet, Hippie Ghost Band Origin.

The title of the book came recently when four out of this group decided to form a band and call themselves the Hippie Ghost Band. I didn’t know they were going to ask me to work side by side with them on their soul path. The same path they contributed to during the period of the Hippie counter-culture. The same period I lived, and am still practicing. The idea of embarking on the same soul path, from both realms was enticing. We decided to pull our resources together and see what we could do. The Hippie Ghost Band has now teamed up with a human, to embarked on a new road. This would have been out of my reach of possibilities. This would never have crossed my mind. Now, I look back at this past year and am grateful they chose me to help them bring out their messages, which will be titled,  The Notes of the Hippie Ghost Band.

Blog 2: The Hippie Ghost Band’s Point of View

You read Renee’s Blog on how we came to her and performed a spiritual intervention, and how the past three years,  the events that followed eventually created the Hippie Ghost Band. This blog is written from my point of view. My name is Daniel. It is a name I’ve taken, from her book, Spirit Wind Sages, Book 1, Woodstock Nation. We were around as she wrote this book, and I related well to Daniel. The use of my real name or the others, in our group, has proven to be nonbeneficial. It actually was a faulty decision on our part. An icon’s name doesn’t give room for its spirit to come forth. Well, except with Renee. Let me reveal how my first meeting with her went.

Before I do that, this group of four, who put together the Hippie Ghost Band, were poets, artists, musicians, and creative explorers. Upon our death, this part stayed intact.  Many of us who were instrumental in bringing a change in the 1960’s 1970’s, unfortunately, died too early. Many have joined us on this side, but us four are the ones who will be working through Renee.

Life after death became our present factor. As on Earth, those of similar energy and thought congregated and converse. Some of us were asked to help those still living in a human body and struggling. I was one that was asked. They wanted me to guide, Renee Abbott.  The information received regarding her was she’s been a professional psychic and tarot reader most of her life. I was informed she had never abandoned her psychic nature. This is a rarity. So many people hide or run from their psychic or intuition. Apparently,  Renee ‘s awareness of the spirit world was above average. Knowing this,  I figured  materializing would be the best way.  I would enter her life, say hello, I’m your new spirit guide and looking forward to working with you. I want to teach you how to channel.  I figured I would pop up in her mirror. I had it all planned out. Excited to start my first guideship, off I went to meet Renee Abbott.

I pulled it off. I showed myself in her mirror, while she was brushing her hair. All is going good, I thought. I rattle my speech off and smile, and watch her turn around in her chair and literally kicked me out of her house. Nobody informed me, she also takes ghosts out of houses. Besides kicking me out of the house, she shut down any portal leading into her house. All the spirit doors were gone. She put a shield around her, so nothing could bother her.

It never occurred to me she would take me as an imposter. I had my work cut out, and I was up for it. I knew being a spirit guide meant I am totally responsible for getting her to trust me.  I quickly designed a plan, and it worked. At a psychic fair she was working, a psychic artist and her traded readings. They never met before, and Renee never spoke of me appearing. The artist drew in great detail me. The people standing around recognized me. I thought, now we are talking. She will know I’m not an imposter.  It didn’t end the way I expected. I wasn’t informed of her fear of becoming known. She would resist it completely. She never was comfortable coming out as a psychic. Now to come out as a channeler to a rock n roll icon. I worked with her, trying to get her to open to me and the possibilities. She channeled me in public and in private chats on the Internet, but she never embraced me. I also noticed she changed her name constantly so people wouldn’t follow her. She strived at making herself invisible. Life changed for Renee. She shut the door prior to this change and didn’t reach out for almost ten years later. What she didn’t realize at the time, I always was present. Remember, , I was given the occupation to be her spirit guide. I was with her, as she said her goodbyes to her dying husband. I was with her as she struggled through the years after his death. When the day came that she finally called my name out for help, I was elated. She wanted to know if could bring her deceased husband. Another chance to guide her was being presented, and I figured on grabbing it. What happened afterward is detailed in her booklet, Hippie Ghost Band Origins.

This is my first blog. We will be issuing blogs to help everyone, who wishes, to grow.  We are a group of spirits, who have named themselves Hippie Ghost Band. We will not reveal our last life identity. It has always proven detrimental when I have in the past. The non-believers we expected. What we couldn’t get around was the stamp identity of the last life icon. People weren’t hearing us, just what they wanted. We are four in this group. Three were icons, and one is a fantastic poet and Renee’s brother. We don’t know how we could have gotten this far without his expertise in the how to channel.   Even spirit is sent help when needed.

This is our story. We have a lot to share. We will be producing a booklet, called 45 vinyl record of the Hippie Ghost Band teachings each month. We will be going live, and we will be doing blogs with Renee. This we look forward too.

Another Way Discourse 1

Good Day. This is the Hippie Ghost Band, and we are channeling through the format known as automatic writing. Today, we seek to begin our course, about another way, with the duality universe you are presently living. If the creator brought a world into a creation that is duality, it would fashion one’s mind to realize this will not change outwardly. It also brings to our attention another fine point, in living a human life, our soul and ego will be the polarity. We can’t eliminate one. They will be with us, throughout our human existence.  Now, you might say, ‘Great, time to give up.’  Another way would be, seems I need to balance them in my existence. If they are within me, they are reflecting itself to me, in the outside world.

Glossary of Terms

Channeling– Using a human to get our message across. This is known as a conduit.

Automatic Writing– When Spirit uses a person’s hands to write their message. In this case, we are using the keyboard of her laptop.


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