Law of Attraction Emotional Key

Letting Go of What doesn’t support me


As my group of spirits gained my trust, they began their work on helping me to see the thought patterns that did not support me. One might believe they would start with the biggest patterns first, but they didn’t. They wanted me to encounter several small successes first, as an aid to building my confidence. As I succeeded in one, they produced another area for me to conquer. They did this until they felt I could dive into the more troublesome problems. Their method worked in building the bridge of trust between them and me, as well as my ability to trust.

The hardest area for me has been letting go of the reigns and letting them take over. My world feels better if I am in control, and have a box of band-aids handy in case we need them. I am still struggling with stifling my control habits when it comes to the Hippie Ghost Band does. They revealed to me how controlling my environment made me a prisoner in my reality, which was the biggest stumbling block I have encountered.  When our mind holds tight to how something should be, we are pouring out energy from our body. This desire to have our hands on everything and under our power is destroying us. If controlling others are what we seek, in essence, we are chipping away chunks from ours and others’ authentic self.


The Hippie Ghost Band helped me to understand how letting go is a vital part of the Law of Attraction, but there are other parts. The act of letting go also has another side. We are to learn how to use our emotions to help support our request. We often react to a situation with anger, fear, disdain or hostility. These emotions are equivalent to putting bad gasoline in one’s car and expecting it to take you where you want to go. The result is a broken-down car. Your reactionary emotions have brought you exactly what the feeling expressed.

I can accept Law of Attraction, and it is a living breathing law that we breathe every day. We live with gravity and know it exists because we aren’t floating to the ceiling. The Law of Attraction reveals in the same way. Our life is attracting events and experiences that our emotional focus drawn into our life. Like, attract Like.

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3 thoughts on “Law of Attraction Emotional Key”

    1. Thank you, Leena. I’m so excited this is helping you to understand the Law of Attraction.:)
      Blessings to you,
      Jasmine Renee

  1. We are so powerful. What we want comes. Be specific, focus, ask and you shall receive! It cones down to matching vibes, frequencies!

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