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Time is Running out

Time is running out

Oh, my God, they have come. It isn’t a dream. They had sounded the megaphone so that I would recognize my calling. How do I gather people for this mission?

Remember, we carry on, using another way. Do not follow the steps of the ancestors of earth, but use the steps of the ancestors of the internal earth plane, which humans have forgotten.  Speaker of the Spirit Winds, show them another way.”

Spirit Wind Speaker, a name last heard after her return to the mainland from Hawaii.  That night, with temperatures below zero, continued to frame her memory, when a Goddess floated down but stopped an inch above the ground. From this day forth, you will be known as Spirit Wind Speaks. Now, a decade and a half later, that words sprung forth from the Hippie Ghost Band. What is this internal earth plane? Where is it?

As those words traveled through her mind, her spirit moved to the core of the earth plane. The vision in front of her left her breathless and curious. Sandaled feet, touched sapphire colored pebbles, while the sky stretched out in every shade of pink. Where am I?  As the question traveled into the atmosphere, the answer showed up in the sky in Morse code. Interior Earth. How could I read that, I don’t know Morse code?