The Arrival of the Hippie Ghost Band

The Arrival of the Hippie Ghost Band

I could hear the screech of tires, stopping in front of the bookstore, but the street stayed void of cars. She twirled around, at the same moment the fluorescent lights, turned into strobe lights. The counter raised, and turned into a platform, with three microphones standing, and one leaning into a set of drums.

“Who’s here?”

“Hippie Ghost Band at your service.”

“Hippie Ghost Band? Well, heck you are ghosts, and ghosts aren’t permitted here.”

A swipe of her hand sent energy towards the stage, and the platform dissolved, as did the spirits.

“Fools, think you can enter my world. You just got taught a lesson. Leave me alone.”

She grabbed a hold of a sage bundle, hanging in its wrapper on the wall. Dispensing the cover, she lit the sage and hit the for corners of her bookstore, cleansing, and chanting. “Portals shut and stay shut until I unravel this spell. As I will so mote it be.”

Clapping her hands together three times, she closed the doors she opened during her ceremony, and relaxed. Music, I need music. Turning on her satellite radio, an oldie but goodie came on and sent her heart on fire. Try to see it our way. We can work this out.


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